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I'm about ready to purchase my first crossbow and I've got a few questions. I've narrowed my crossbow choice down to the Barnett Wildcat C5. I really like the way it feels and it looks like it's built very well. I looked at a bunch of other brands but just didn't care for them. Now for the questions. I'm assuming that when I make the purchase I should get some more bolts that i will specifically put broad heads on and use for hunting only. What bolts should I get and what broad heads? How many grains? I'm new to the archery world so I don't really know a lot about this stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the crossbow world. Questions are always welcome. This is a good time to get aquainted with your bow and get the right combination of arrows and broadheads that work great with your set-up.

Arrowhead will have specific recommendations for your exact bow and he will chime in. I don't have alot of range time with Barnetts.

As for generalities. I would recommend upgrading to some quality arrows instead of the factory stuff that comes with many bows. Gold Tips, Carbon Express and Victory all make excellent arrows for crossbows. Broadheads are a personal choice as most these days are quality. Comes down to what flies good in your set-up. A good starting point would be Wasp Boss's, Jackhammers, G5 Strikers, Slick Tricks, Muzzy MX-3,4's. Most crossbows seem to like these.

The key will be practicing and knowing the exact trajectory of your bow. As with all archery equipment, the range is limited and shot selection crucial.

Arrowhead will set you right.

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The Wildcat C5 takes a 20" arrow. I don't have as much range time with it, as some of the others we tested. The arrow we tested, that the Wildcat liked was a Gold Tip Laser II with brass insert. We got a little better speed from that bow with the Easton Carbon Power with an 80 grain insert. Both combinations worked well in that bow. It's a matter of speed -vs- weight. Both of these arrows are designed to use a 100 grain head.

With either arrow, be sure to use the four inch vanes, as it seems the Wildcat doesn't like to use the Blazer or Fusion vanes. We used four inch AAE vanes.

Broadheads that I would use would be the Slick Trick 100 grain Magnums or the G5 Striker in 100 grains. If you like mechanicals I'd go with the Wasp Jak-Hammer SST in 100 grain.

Be sure to check the flight of your broadheads. Make sure they are hitting the same as your practice points.
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