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To the Community,

The advertisements appearing in the new format while creating a problem for some also allow for a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere for offering dogs/puppies for sale benefiting the members.

Dogs and puppies may now be offered for sale with no charge to the members. Notice of the sale however, will be limited to the announcement and, if desired, two pictures of the dog or litter.

The announcement will only include the offering for sale and a description of the dog or pups sex, level of training, started, broke, registry, color, date available.

There will be no mention of price, pedigree, or contact information for the seller…

The thread will then automatically be locked.

Interested parties may then contact the seller via PM only… If they are desiring further information,price, contact information can be discussed via PM or however they agree to further talks; but it is to be kept off the boards. The deal, if any, is between the buyer and the seller…NO one else

The inclusion of contact information in the original post including but not limited to phone numbers, email address, web site, facebook, etc. will result in cause for removal of the post.

The thread will automatically be locked upon posting and automatically deleted after a 3 month period.

Thank you,

The HuntingPA Team.
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