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I picked up another pup yesterday. My first bluetick beagle. I always liked the color of them just never had a chance at getting one,, and he also has some blood (Reffet's Ky Mtn) that I've wanted to try out. Time will tell what if he'll be a rabbit dawg. Decided to name him Blue. He has a nice little bawl mouth on um too.

Here he is resting after his long day yesterday.

Here's his pedigree

-----IFC Branko's Ali Baba
----FC Silver Creek Overdrive
-----Kingwood Autumn Wildfire
--Bradfords Overdrive
-----Radar Sawyer
----Silver Creek Diamond
-----Babe Sawyer

HBCH CH Half Way Frenchman's Cracker

-----Shady Creek Tracker Jack
----IFC Shady Creek Ain't That A Kicker
-----Armando's Little Duchess
--Sliver Creek Almost Freckles
-----IFC Branko's Lumberjack
----Five Springs Hot Pursuit
-----Creoles Candy Bar


-----Fc Northway Jumpmaster (Fc Northway Spur)
---Reffett's Ky Mtn Chase
-----Reffett's Ky Mtn Chime( Fc Northway Spur)
--Reffet's Ky Mtn Snowman
-----Reffett's Ky Mtn Sampon (Fc Northway Driver)
---Slone's Trblsome CR New Penny
-----Reffett's Ky Mtn White Lady
-Reffet's Ky Mtn Mad Jack
-----Branko's Jack of All Trades (Fc Able's East Coast Trimmer)
---Branko's Bleu Iceman
-----Branko's Freckie Yodeler
--Reffetts Ky Mtn Ice Maiden
-----Elk Creek's Gentle George ( Fc Taylors Sock it to Me)
---Reffetts Ky Mtn Queen Esther
-----Reffett's Ky Mtn Vashti ( Fc Milt's Woodstock Rock Star)

Reffetts Ky Mtn Bleu Sheba II (Dame)

-----Fc Branko's Curious George ( Jack of all Trades)
---Fc Buddy's Iron Eagle
-----Branko's Proper Fire-On-Ice ( Fc Branko's Heli Prop)
--Reffett's Ky Mtn Bleu Rocket
----- Fc Milt's Woodstock Rock Star ( Fc Northway Spur)
---Refetts Ky Mtn Cameo ( Fc Woodstock Penny)
-----Reffetts Ky Mtn Grey Dawn (Fc Northway Jumpmaster)
-Reffets Ky Mtn Bleu Sheba
----- Fc Northway Driver
---Reffetts Ky Mtn Sampson
-----Reffetts Ky Mtn Chime
--Reffetts Ky Mtn Bathsheba
-----Henry Moore's S East Trimmer ( Fc Powerline Hank)
---Reffetts Ky Mtn Princess Di
-----Reffets Kt Mtn Melody ( Fc Round Pond Mr T)

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John-PA said:
With all that Reffet's blood I'll bet he's a hard hunter. Even if he's a
Says the guy with a bluetick in his avatar, to the guy with a Tri in his avatar. LOL. Nice Pup.

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He stays in with the older hounds and hunts like crazy. I would never expect any 4 month old to act the way he does. So far he has really been a joy to work with. He hasn't opened up yet but he does drop his nose and track them a short ways. Some of his littermates are already running track but they were sent to a starting pen.
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