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New powder Horn, and some other accoutrements

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Heres a few pictures of a new powder horn I made for myself, along with some other stuff I have made in the last year or so.....also a picture of my gun...enjoy

The new horn

A close up of the inlay

The valve I used

The horn broken down for filling

Loading block, Short Starter, Priming Horn, Powder Measure, and the new powder Horn

All of the above with the 45 Cal Longrifle

And Again
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Nice stuff. How many shots can you get out of that horn?
Awesome stuff! I really like the powder horn and your rifle!
What kind of wood do you have her stocked in? It looks like "brindle" but I do not know what wood give this effect. Very attractive.
Nice! I too am wondering about that stock, very nice!
is that what they call tiger maple? i heard it mentioned one time before.
One of the true joys of M`loading. The chance to make your own stuff. That is a very unique powder horn....
Im guessing I can get close to 10 shots out of the horn.....................The wood is some form of curly maple/tiger maple and is stained with a darker stain.........
Yes the stock is an eye catcher.
Thanks guys, I also recently re browned the barrel on her, and istalled a new front sight..............the original front sight was too low, the gun shot way high......the original owner decided rather than replace it with the right sight, he had had steel blocks made that fit into the dovetails, then he glued adjustable fiber optics to the blocks.....but when removing the original sights apparently he didnt realize that they were a one way dovetail, he screwed up the brwning trying to beat the sight out the wrong way, so he just painted the barrel with brown paint.........In no way would I have either of these, so I bought a front sight blank from Track of the Wolf, and cut the base down so it fit, then filed it to the right height, I also shaped the backside of the sights it didnt look like a huge rectangle that didnt belong....
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Absolutely fabulous work!!!!
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