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New offer from the NRA and Bass Pro Shops

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Bass Pro Shops is putting its money where it's mouth is by offering a $25.00 gift card to all new NRA members upon signing up at the reduced price of $25.00 for a 1 year Membership.
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That is a super deal!!!!
Renewed membership.
Yep, should have mentioned its good on renewals too!!!
Anyone know how we get our Bass Pro gift card? I renewed back in December but never got the gift card.
I got mine on Friday.
I was down at my local range today renewing my memebrship and a guy told me that somewhere on line you can get a LIFE TIME memebrship to the NRA for $300.

Also, 250.000 new member recently joined because of all the NRA discounts.
I received my BP Gift Card on Monday and my NRA Card and Window Deacl on Friday....
got the nra stuff yesterday but no BP card...might come by itself?????
It does come by itself, sperate from the NRA card. I received both on the same day.
I just called the NRA and renewed my memebrship to a Life member for $300. In 7 to 8 yrs. I think I will break even.
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