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I just got a few from Midwest Turkey

Gooserbat Bacon and ICE. The ICE is fantastic for soft calling, gargle purrs, and whiney stuff like feeding calls

Hooks Executioner and Game Changer 2.5 are just fantastic. Just pure turkey, and for less than $6/call I will be trying more of their line in the future.

Legacy Evolution 2.5 reed is great again for all the stuff he ICE did well. Really good for 1-2 note soft yelps. Best purring call (if you gargle purr) I've ever run.
This will be my go to call for gobbler fights............and man oh man do I like starting gobbler fights. Action can be fast and furious.
It gobbler yelps, clucks, and purrs like nothing I've ever used.
I don't think I've ever run a call that can go from a do-wit whistle to a gobbler yelp in the same call sequence. It's a very unique call.

About the only one I didn't like was the Bacon. Just ho-hum for my style, and I really had high hopes for that call to. I'll probably turn it into a ghost cut call and see how it runs then.

Fullfan, didn't you tell me you liked the bacon from Gooserbat?

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I read nothing but great reviews about Gooserbat calls. I ordered the whole line from Midwest. I tried Mill Creek Valley last year and really liked them but I love trying new stuff. I have so many mouth calls in the fridge it's ridiculous.

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I just ordered a 3 pack of the strut commander diaphragm calls.

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Have to chuckle a bit...all this talk about this call and that call.....

Got home from work yesterday and the neighbor was working on a car in his garage....every time he ran the grinder, two long beards behind his house would gobble like crazy.

I'm thinking of running the new VP-5 by Black and Decker this
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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