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Couldn't decide whether to put this in the elk or muzzleloader forum. Just got back from an elk muzzleloader hunt on the Acoma Indian reservation in New Mexico. Used my 50 cal. Lyman Great Plains Hunter flintlock, could have used percussion or in-line but I just really like flintlock. Shooting 338 gr. Platinum Powerbelts on top of 90 gr. of Triple Seven loose powder.

He was just coming out of velvet with a few small patches of velvet still on the antlers. The antlers are gnarly full of bumps and it is about 47 inches wide. The biologist pulled some teeth for aging and estimates it at probably over 10 years old with the antlers in decline. The upper ivory teeth are worn totally flat down to the gum level. It's only a 5x5 but gross scored 348.

A few more pics at:


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Big Redneck said:
What distance did you shoot? Did he travel far after being hit?
Thanks for the comments!

It was about 75 yards and thundering very hard, he had no clue I was there, at the shot he just stood there for about 30 seconds, I'm sure he didn't know it was a gunshot. He went about 60 yards into cover and stood for quite awhile before giving it up.

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Just wanted to throw this out for anyone that may have albums on

You may notice that the pictures above in my original post are not there anymore. They were hosted on Last week 161 of my photos and videos were without notice removed by webshots. It was 15 albums that I began putting out there over 7 years ago and they had over 65,000 views.

When I sent a message asking where they had gone I received the following response, main emphasis claimed seems to be a violation of posting child pornography. Copy and paste as follows:

“Because people of all ages and backgrounds share photos and videos on Webshots, we remove material that is offensive to or inappropriate for our membership. We remove pornography, sexually explicit content and violent material. We also remove photos showing full or partial nudity, including those of children.

In accordance with our polic IES , we have removed 161 of your photos and/or videos. If we believe that you are engaged in illegal activities, we have the right to share your personal information with law enforcement, including your IP address.”

My response to the above was, copy and paste:

“So which of the above mentioned categories do you feel my photos fall into? They were primarily successful hunting photos. Every one of them was tastefully presented just as you would see on the front cover of any hunting magazine in Barnes and Noble or the supermarket magazine aisle. Hunting is legal in all 50 states. I noticed hunting ads on every one of my photo pages. Are those sponsors aware that you do not allow hunting photos?”

From Webshots I then received this response, main emphasis now seems to have shifted to copyright infringement, general nudity, and genitalia. copy and paste:

“We also remove images immediately if a copyright holder reports a violation. Generally images obtained from books, magazines, calendars or other websites should not be posted to the Webshots Community without the permission of the publisher or website owner.

Webshots does not permit the online storage or sharing of photos containing pornographic material, and will delete images or albums containing this material or any material violating the Webshots Terms of Use. Specific examples of images removed for adult
content include, but are not limited to:

Women in sheer or wet tops
Women or men wearing thongs (g-strings)
Photos that concentrate on the genital area”

My response to them then was:

“Plain and simple, I simply do not understand how any of your responses apply to any of my photos in any way. It's as if you are referring to someone else’s pictures. Have you actually and personally seen them? doesn't seem so! They are my own images, they have never been published nor copyrighted by me or anyone else, guaranteed. They are not pornographic or sexual in nature by anyone's conceivable standards. Many are nature or wildlife scenes without any people, the only people are myself and a few of my 25 year old son, completely and fully clothed, long pants, long sleeve shirt, boots, very often with a hat and coat.”

Webshots response in its entirety from this morning was, and I consider this to be their final response as I feel they finally came clean on the real reason. I added the red texting, they didn't.

“Thank you for contacting Webshots Customer Support.

<span style="color: #FF0000">The albums are full of pictures with dead animals.</span> Please read webshots terms of use before uploading.”

I have read their terms and there is nothing about hunting or dead animals, of course there is about child pornography, nudity, and copyright.

Just thought I’d let others know in case you are using webshots. I’m going to try and let some of their hunting sponsors know and I’ll be putting my albums on photobucket, see how they work out there. I’ll also be posting this in a number of forums that I post to regularly so you may see this post in other places too.

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I didn't get to see pics of the elk, but congratulations. As far as the photos, I know how much time is invested in uploading, captioning, and categorizing online photos. I have several hundred myself. The responses you received are nothing short of ridiculous and your comparison of havested animals on magazines puts it in perfect perspective. Sounds like upper management at webshots is simply anti-hunting/anti-gun.
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