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I recently have made some changes to my web site which eliminated the clutter. Rather than having a lot of prints I am selling on it I provided a link to my Facebook page where they may be seen. Interested in purchasing a print? Contact me by Email with your individual needs and we can go from there.
I also have provided some reviews of my book and as you will see the introductory price of $12.50 is NO LONGER valid the price including shipping is now $15.00.
Thanks to all who have purchased my prints and copies of my book it is indeed an honor for me to have them in your homes and I hope you will enjoy them for years to come.
An additional note ALL of my art prints are produced in limited numbers, I mention that because unless you have attended one of my shows you may not be aware of that.
Thanks for your time in reading this
H. Bumper Bauer
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