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For Sale / Wanted Forum's Rules

The For Sale Forums and Wanted to Buy Forum here at HPA are intended for HPA members to share what they no longer need/want with other members of the board.

A post requires:

1. Your listing must include a complete description and the price of your item. Include OBO or trade accepted if they apply. Trades that have no cash exchange or totally free items are exempt from the price rule

2. Your listing must include your general location, (town or region, example NE-PA etc). It may be in the subject line, profile, or text.

3. Please limit your "bumps" to no more than once in every 24 hours. Bumps are limited so no one poster can "hog" up the top of the page. Editorial such as a price change or just to "talk up" your item, serve the same purpose and will be counted as a bump.

4. The only reply allowed on each thread is a TTT by the post initiator. All questions and communications will be done by PMs only. (Exception to Rule #8 - A reply is allowed by a person who sends payment. Once payment sent is posted, the post will be moved.)

5."Dogs may not be sold in the classifieds. There is a place in the Dog Forum for that. HuntingPa does not permit the selling of other animals."

6. The selling of Real Estate must get the approval of the Administration of HuntingPA prior to listing, and must be placed in the Hunting Camp forum.

7. Transactions involving firearms must follow both local and state guidelines and laws concerning the ownership and transfer of a firearm.

8. All transactions are between those making the transaction. or HuntingPA LLC accepts NO responsibility for any transactions that take place via the connection made here.

9. Please notify admin or the For Sale Moderators if there is any unlawful activity involved in any transaction. While we can not get involved in the resolution, we can take measures to prevent the member from continued posting.

10. If your item is sold or you no longer wish to sell it please hit the notify button and tell us to remove it.

Selling Cabins, camps, cottages, etc

11.ALL real estate for sale must be place in the Hunting Camp forum, not in the classifieds.

The following constitutes abuse of this free service:

1. Commercial posts (as deemed by the moderator) will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Continued posting of commercial type posts will result in your removal from the site. The following are some guidelines that will constitute a commercial ad.

a) Items purchased with intent to re-sell for profit. This includes buying here and selling offsite, buying offsite and selling here, an buying and selling here. This is intended for members to occasionally deal to reduce or enhance their possessions.

b) Building or creating a product for the sole purpose of sale.

c) Links to E-bay or similar sites are prohibited
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