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Well first off i am walking to my shooting bench out in the back yard. I havent been home since friday. Im walking along and dang! I look down and follow a trail, its coming right past my shooting bench/shooting lane.


Elk had been using the trails we cut this september! They walked every trail we have cleared out, just checking things out before hitting the trail boarder'ing thick forest.

Allright, Enough of that! Lets get to the good stuff!

Just the Accura with the new Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x32 scope and TC Gorilla rings/mounts. Scope is crystal clear and plenty of eye room.

76grains ( weight) Pyrodex RS, CCI inline MZL primers and 250gr Ballistic Tip Thors.

After one shot,

They are a bit cleaner than the Winchester 777 primers but they fit pretty loose in the breech plug. My last shot, the primer actually had swelled up a bit and made removal a 2 fingernail job.

Good thing:
These primers cut down the crud in my barrel GREATLY. How great? I never had to swab between shots during this range session!

The group [censored] but thats on me, i havent shot this rifle since late September and i am rusty with this one. I got the hang on this on shot #3. Thats where it was shooting when i put it up after my brother in laws hunt.

Hey, it happens.... doesnt it?..... Guys?.....

So im really happy as far as being able to reload without having to swab. The crud in the bore is gone, the mess however is still there but.... This is my baby so its going to be cleaned no matter what at the end of the day.

I took this for my girl friend but i found it interesting. Check out the glare off that sucker! Holy smokes.

No Camera flash, Just the sunlight,

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tried some 348gr lead powerbelts with 100gr RS (volume) and they didnt like that charge one bit!! I get really good accuracy with that charge and the copper series 348's but the lead series, Nooooo way! I cant wait till i get to scrub all the lead out of my barrel tonight
The best part, zero swabbing. These CCI's are the cure to my bore crud.

Its me shaking on the bench. I allowed a few minute cool down in between shots, each shot loaded nicely without having to break out a hammer LOL.

Shot #2 was all on me. I need to make a new sand bag that will rest the entire forearm. My heart beat was going pretty good as thats what caused me to throw #2 shot.

Shots 1 & 3 measure 3/4" center/center.

348gr HP - Lead Powerbelt with 80gr Pyrodex RS.

Pooch on the range with me.
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