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New Barrel?

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So I am thinking of getting a new barrel for the Pro Hunter. My only problem is, that I hunt woodchucks and deer. I have a .243 and .30-06 barrel for it already. I was thinking of going into the 45 caliber, like a 45-70 or something. Anyone have a suggestion as what to get? I dont really see a need for another barrel, but once you get one of these Encores, you have to keep buying barrels. It must be an addiction...

What caliber would you buy, and why?
Thanks for the input in advance!
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I bought mine as a 50 cal, and have a 30-06 and 223 barrel for it.

Since firing the 30-06, and learning about an Encore's inherent over-exaggerated shoulder expansion, I will no longer buy an Encore barrel in a caliber I have another rifle in. I don't want to continually have two sets of brass.

Therefore, I would like a 45-70, 444 Marlin, or a 44 mag. Maybe a 25-06, or something in a Weatherby or Improved cartridge.
tcprohunter said:
What is the shoulder expansion issue? I reload for my .243 and I get about 4 reloads out of them then I pitch them. Is there someting I need to know about?

Probably not. The problem I eluded to was shooting a case in an Encore, and then trying to reload it again for use in my bolt action. The shoulder expands out too far, and trying to knock the shoulder back that far results in a stuck case int he die almost every time.

I posted some spread sheets of shoulder expansion, showing a doubling in my Encore vs my 700, on a 243 reloading thread.

here it is:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts