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New Barrel?

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So I am thinking of getting a new barrel for the Pro Hunter. My only problem is, that I hunt woodchucks and deer. I have a .243 and .30-06 barrel for it already. I was thinking of going into the 45 caliber, like a 45-70 or something. Anyone have a suggestion as what to get? I dont really see a need for another barrel, but once you get one of these Encores, you have to keep buying barrels. It must be an addiction...

What caliber would you buy, and why?
Thanks for the input in advance!
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If you hunt black bear or deer in heavy cover a 4570 would be nice...
If you reload:
A 308 Win Prohunter barrel with the Speer 125 grain TNT Varmint bullets shoots excellent for chucks...However if you reload you could do that with the 3006 barrel you already own..

Then E. A. Brown have the accuracy barrels in many of the 6.5 calibers on the shelf..

Maybe one of the known long distance cal's would be nice for deer and chucks...2506 and or the 270.
Maybe you would go out west someday for prarie dogs and antelope?

T/C Encore 22 cf all have a 1 in 12 twist so if you got a 22250 you could use that for chucks, coyotes, and deer...It does shoot the 60 grain Partiton bullet well under a 1 inch group at 100 yards. IMR 4350 powder is a good powder for the 22250 and the Partiton 60 grainer..
1 - 1 of 12 Posts