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Neighboring states pistol laws

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I am thinking about buying a pistol to hunt Ohio. Does anyone know if I need to get carry permits from Ohio and West Virginia too? Basically what hoops do I have to jump through to be legal?
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In ohio you don't need a permit (other than a hunting license and deer tag) to hunt with a handgun. To transport it it in a car it needs to be in a case, seperate from ammo that can't be reached by the driver(think trunk) or unloaded with action open in plane sight. There is a minimum barrel length and caliber restriction as well for hunting. There are some reciprical agreements with other states as far as consealed carry, I know Pa is not one of them. WVA is one I think. Check out to be sure.
If you have a PA permit you can carry in WV but keep in mind you may have to travel through MD to get there. You will have to apply for MD permit to carry. Just apply the same way aresident would.
Good luck getting a md permit
I think they require a kidney and a permission slip from the Pope
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It's my understanding that in MD, you can transport a handgun leagally as long as it's away from the driver AND the ammo is not accessible whatsoever. I was told that having the handgun in the trunk with the ammo would be best.
The handgun should be in the vehicle when going to or from the range OR hunting.
The MD state trooper w=made it abundantly clear "no errands/no stopping" like at a fast food place.
You cannot carry a concealed handgun in MD even if you have a permit from another state. I'm sure there is a provision for federal agents and officers from ther states.
No a very handgun friendly state.....
Gurf,you need to be careful Maryland and Virgina do not allow transportation of handguns into their state from another state.VA gives an automatic 3 years in prison.Maryland is an extremely liberal state and the shootings and crime is high in Frederick and Baltimore where 7 people died in one night not too long ago.
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