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Need to be schooled

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Bought a TC New Englander and need to get educated in the fine art of black powder. Bleong to Northern Chester County Sportsman Association and was hoping to find someone that could teach me to safely shoot this. Live in Stowe, near Pottstown so if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Curt
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do they have a black powder group at your club ? most do.
AS per the wise words of Retired Rusty.... Go to Dixon's Muzzleloading Shop - 15 miles East of Cabelas. Not far from you... Chuck and Greg are a wealth of knowledge and will take the time to show you... Good Luck!
On the west side of Lancaster County just off Rt 30 at Columbia Fish and Game, they are having their annual Black Powder open house on February 24, 2013. demonstrations and shooting, a few exhibits.
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