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Need new ladder stand in 20' range what brands?

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Looking to buy a new 20' or so ladder stand. What brand is best and why? Thanks, Mike
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I bought (2) Loggy Bayou 20' to the seat ladder stands 2 years ago. To be honest, a little too tall for me b/c they start to feel a little shaky so I took a section out of each one and keep them in the 17' to 18' range. However, I like everything else about them including the seat that will fold up against the tree to give you extra room when standing or taking a shot. Just my opinion.
Recent years I have gone to hang on stands with climbing sticks . Although the sticks are 16 feet instead of twenty deer have not detected me when the stands are placed above understory . Sticks are snug to the tree and very secure with ratchet straps , as is the stand. Some hang on stands have no steps and are accessed by my Lone Wolf steps that are carried to the base of the tree .Easy to set up and keeps thieves from stealing stands that are otherwise tough to get at .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts