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I made 4 sets over the weekend for cats.
2 had no activity when checked sat night while fox hunting but the other two which are about a half mile apart had my bluegill (bait) bitten off from the gills down..
i had them tied to a stick with 14g wire. and whatever it was it stepped perfectly around my exposed pan. no tracks at the set that i could see, no possibility of birds.
i'm thinking i didnt have it blocked off enough as to where it didnt have to step on the pan to get the bait.
It did that in 2 of my sets..some of my guide sticks were moved out of the way though it was kind of wierd.

ill upload the two pictures of the sets and i would like your advice on what to do... more blocking, a flat set out in front of the exposed pan set, ect..

thanks for looking..

you can see the bluegill stuffed in the back on a wire.. we added more hemlock to the top after picture

a couple of the guide sticks were moved after half of the bluegill was bitten off.. i blocked off the back of the root system after taking this pic
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