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Neat Stuff You've Found in the Woods

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I was out scouting today, and came across a crudely fabricated small bowl made of copper (at least that what I think it's made from. It's not magnetic and has a bit of green patina along one edge.) I'm guessing it's at least 100 to 150 years old. What neat or unsusual items have you found in the woods while hunting, scouting, hiking, fishing, etc.?
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Me and my dad found an 8 point head last year while small game hunting. However I later found out it was hit by a car and flew into a neighbors yard and they butchered it and threw the head back into the woods.
Interesting question and it should gather a host of cool replies. As for me here are a few: a muleshoe on a trail that has not seen pack animal trafic in a long time. I found it near the stone foundation of a small old home or shed. A beagle puppy when hunting with my dad, and cousins. My cousin Larry named him "Butch" and he grew up to be a whale of a hunter and good pal. A full case of Iron City under a pile of debris (should have left it there). A wallet with $550 and a guys drivers license. He lost the wallet while hiking with his fiance. The money was for her engagement ring (I hope they are still in love). A hunting coat on the ground and a torn up sandwich wrapper. We figured a guy lost his dog - left his coat and lunch for the pup (my Dad left his lunch on the coat and we left). While fishing in the NW part of the state an empty row boat came by and we grabbed it and tied her up. Next day a guy and his kids came by and claimed it. There are more but I don't want to be a drag.
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2 Shotguns, on state game lands, the guns were in their cases, the owners leaned them against their car and drove away, i watched the news paper lost and found, and the owner had an add, we met up and i returned the guns.
As I hiked a trail, I found a GPS, a knife, and a set of car keys. About an hour later I caught up to the guy who did not realize the zipper on his backpack was open. He thanked me about 1 million times for returning his stuff....
Found the usual, knives, gloves, hot seats, etc. But once while hunting deer I stopped along this ridge about two miles in, and could see something reflecting the sun that was stuck inside a hollow log. Pulled out a gallon sized ziploc with a Penthouse type magazine inside. Laughed to myself a little as to why someone would do that, but didn't want to think of it either
Then put it back, I sure wasn't taking it home.
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Found a case of beer in a creek once, one time while
small game hunting I found a Lucky Joe glass bank,
dated from the 1940s or so.
I don't know if you would call this neat or not...but I ound a dog skeleton with the the leash and chain still attached
Jbiz, I think that's awfully sad. Though it'd be funny if you found a little pink 'fifi' collar in a pile of bear scat..

Private land in PA is great for finding stuff! I once found an old glass bottle, like a patent medicine bottle, and a bedpan that was evidently used for target practice (no good for the original use once it's got holes in it).. I once found half a glass vase, which turned out to be sitting on an old family grave plot (!).. that I left where I found it!
Found 2 8 points locked together alive and thats all I'am going to say.
i found a 50's something year car in the middle of the woods that had no road anywhere in sight that could have been driving there....oh yeah there was a 12" dia tree growing through the rusted out floor then through the winshield area too..........bob

This isn't that neat but my step-Dad fuond a domestic white rabbit while hunting one time. Snatched it up and brought it home. We raised it for years afterward. (Probable some kids Easter present that didn't get love).
Old bottles, rusted knives, rusty traps (two rusted open in the set position) and lots of critter skulls.

Found the head, antlers and cape of a decent 8 point several years ago, while deer hunting. Something dragged what was left of it into the woods, near one of my stands.

Once found a large horse shoe far back in my woods. Later mentioned it to my uncle, who farmed the land my cabin is on, since WWII was going on. He thought about it a bit, then recalled that one of his draft horses had died over there in the 1940s and he had used the other horse to skid the dead'un out into the woods. The one that croaked was pretty old and had come along with the farm when he'd bought it before the war. He still had horses when I was a little feller, but I can barely remember them being on the farm.

A camp neighbor's woods holds the remains of an old maple syrup shack. Still cast iron parts from the firebox doors and rusted metal pails buried in the debris inside the stone foundation. All the wood is long gone.

Anytime I come across an old foundation, gotta poke around and see what's left.
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Backwoods said:
This isn't that neat but my step-Dad fuond a domestic white rabbit while hunting one time. Snatched it up and brought it home. We raised it for years afterward. (Probable some kids Easter present that didn't get love).
White rabbits make a very fine meal.
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I found a fawn one time that got its head caught in a stump and died there.It looked like the fawn was not very old maybe 2-3 days old..
Wasn't in the woods but I found an envelope two years ago outside the post office that had $3000 in 100 dollar bills. As difficult as it was..... I found the owner and returned.

Guy didn't even say thank you.
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I found an engine cowl access panel from a Cessna.
Lots of good stuff here, wish I had something interesting to post aside from the boring knives and whatnot. Although, I've gotten a good bit of firewood from stands that folks tried to put on my family's farm before it was sold!

Also got a nice API hangon A guy left on the property after we gave him the what for. I actually saw him and told him to come get it...but he never did. Oh well, I killed a deer out of it the next year!
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