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so i decided to post some pics of this summer so far and last summers NC adventures...just scenic shots and such...i realize ive seen some things that most people never get to see in a lifetime...i feel very fortunate..

hope y'all enjoy...(im no photographer...just tried to capture some amazing things..the pics are never as good as the real deal..)

(all of the same sunrise over the sound a few weeks back...)

(seen her on the beach an hour or 2 before dark..she decided not to nest and was headed back to the ocean..i took that opportunity to get some pics and video..thats a female loggerhead turtle..came up to nest but for whatever reason decided not to...)

loggerhead hatchlings i helped with last summer...a few days or so after a nest hatches, the turtle biologists dig up the nest and count the eggs, dead turtles, etc to get a well as let any stragglers head for the ocean..which is how i took the pics..amazing!

(TRUE wild horses of Shackleford Banks..not fed..not tame..about as wild as horses roaming on an island...)

live sand dollar

Cape Lookout Lighthouse
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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