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For those interested in having your antlers scored, there will be an antler scoring event in Warren County on Saturday, August 14, put on by the Northeast Big Buck Club. The NBBC keeps records of whitetails for Maine, the New England States, New York, and PA.

Here's the lowdown:
WHEN: Saturday, August 14, 2010 from 10 AM – 4 PM
WHERE: Tall Tales Sporting Goods, 8330 Market St. Russell, PA 16345

The NBBC uses the Boone and Crockett measuring system, but records the GROSS SCORE (without deductions), giving your buck full credit for everything he grew. To make the NBBC record books, your antlers must meet the following gross score minimum requirements:
• Archery/Muzzleloader: 100 inches Typical, 115 Non-Typical
• Gun/Pickup/Shed: 110 Typical, 125 Non-Typical

Details for Having Antlers Scored:
• 60-Day drying period from date of harvest.
• Any whitetail antlers can be scored, from any state.
• Harvest categories: Bow, Gun, Muzzleloader, Pickup/Acquire, and Sheds.
• Color, Computer-Printout of your final score
• $25.00 cost to have the antlers scored for the NBBC Record Books
• Includes 1-Year subscription to Northeast Big Buck News - official NBBC magazine
• Includes 1-Year Supporting Membership with a patch and membership card

For more information, check out NBBC Antler Scoring Event.


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I do like the idea of scoring what the buck grew and not taking deductions on how man thinks the buck should look.
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