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I had a couple of hours to kill this morning before I had to take the little woman's car to the garage so I set in my ground blind and got this.
It began with my hearing very slow footsteps in the dry leaves but they would hesitate for several minutes before beginning again. After fifteen minutes or so of this I saw what I thought was the white on the inside of a deers ear behind a little hemlock tree. Another five minutes went by then very cautiously a little yearling doe stepped into the open. She was so nervous that if I had sneezed she probably would have had a heart attack.

Why was she so nervous? If you look to the left in this photo there is a brand new rub on a little hemlock that had been done only minutes before by a very respectable sized eight point. That little lady wanted NO part of running into him and stood frozen in that position until she was sure he had left.


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