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NAP Slingblade broadheads

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Any body have any experience with the NAP slingblade, it's supposed to be a copy of the RM Gator, I am a little leery about the blades not locking open, can anybody explain how the blades stay open while passing through a deer?, and any personal experiences and or opinions? I really want to like these but am leery of them not staying open, I put a couple through my Delta deer target, but on the opposite side of the deer on one arrow there was no noticeable slice in the foam and on the other just one slice, next session I am going to put paper on the backside and see if there are any slices, also it says they are made for ultra fast bows, I am shooting a Wicked Ridge Warrior [email protected] 300 FPS, does that qualify or is it meant for faster bows?
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Looks to me like another version of their Killzone broadheads, which I've used from compounds and crossbows with great success. Look them up to see if you agree with me. These types of heads rely purely on physical resistance (hitting a deer) to open. Air resistance and force in flight is not enough to deploy the blades. They won't bounce back shut once they enter a deer's chest cavity because all of the resistance from the tissue and organs will not allow the blades to slide anywhere but backwards, so the cutting edge will stay exposed. They will be fine for a 300 fps bow. Depending on the heads like this from different manufacturers, they only require a few foot pounds of kinetic energy to open, I'm talking like 2-4 lbs most likely. A bow like yours produces probably 90 lbs. And honestly, a foam deer is not comparable at all to hitting a real deer. Tremendous amounts of constant friction inside the foam deer may cause the head to do funny things that may make it resemble poor performance. You could probably begin finding reviews online here pretty soon for a good starting point.
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