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n.y.s. late b/p season doe but not with my flinter

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I was out on Monday and took a doe with the inline :I was lucky only because I left the flints for my flinter at home in a another bag.The doe I took I use my thunderhawk approx: 7 months or would say veal on the hoof.I used the Hornady 300 XTP Mag: bullet behind 85 grains of triple 777 I think the construction of the XTP mag: need more powder I could not believe my eye the bullet was found in the snow yes it retain all it weight also did mushroom but I was not impressed for some reason.I was hunting the real thick stuff the doe was to my right the shot about 65 yards,The shot I think hit a sapling and was diverted from a dead center lung shot to the last rear rib into the lower part of the stomach.I did track the deer after the shot found a few specks of dark blood but said I would return in a hours or so too see if she did bed down.I went to the cabin made some coffee and in about a hour I went back to start to track her I did find her about 75 yards from were I first shot it and found the bullet must of cut a artery did go threw the lower stomach and stop just before the rear leg.The bullet was clean as a whistle I only think she turned on me before I pulled the trigger or a branch was nicked that threw the shot off.I found the 300 grain bullet to mushroom perfect and peel back about 1/2 way and did stay together
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Nice!! Congrats LW!!
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cAN we see the bullet please? Congrats on the "eating size" deer
congrats -
I switched from XTP's to Hornady SST in the in-line after I was unimpressed with the XTP preformance
I will post a picture on the bullet have to go into the gear bag
I drop the bullet on the scale was 275 grain left from a 300 grain XTP Mag:Hornady
I feel the bullet needed more FPS I shoot 85 grains of triple but I feel recoil to me is sharp.I have loaded the same bullet with real B/P 115 grains of 3F goex and shoot it with no problem,I wonder what is the difference between the two different powders FPS
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