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I have had a series of packs that were varying degrees of "ok" for me.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Mystery Ranch pack (their "Pintler" pack if you want to check it out on their site).

It arrived yesterday, so I loaded it to about 50lbs with wood fuel pellets, a few small iron plates to up the weight (pellets fill out the pack so it's not just small heavy weight hanging in the bottom), and a hydro bladder with about a liter and a half of water. Hit a 2.6-ish mile climb of about 1000' feet yesterday after work.

If you're looking for a really great pack that hauls weight like a champ, give Mystery Ranch a look. No they're not the cheapest pack out there, but man...this thing is a tank, not overly big or bulky, and can really take weight.

To make it better, for my elk hunt this fall, it can open up and let me strap a quarter or extra haul bag between the main storage and frame. Really cool setup for a "do it all" pack.

Can't give them enough props after trying it out. Great product.

Also- I called them twice in this process. The first call was to talk about packs. I thought I wanted their "Cabinet" pack. Very nice CS guy and I talked for about 15 minutes and he was happy to talk...didn't rush me at all or push at all. He said the Cabinet would be ok, but really thought from what I shared about my hunting that a Pintler was better for my stated uses. I have to say now that I have it, I love it. It's perfect.

Second call was after I placed my order. I forgot to order compression straps to hang a rifle or other gear on the webbing on the pack, so I called hoping to get them tossed in the box before it shipped. The woman I talked to was awesome. She explained the packs ship from another warehouse, so they couldn't put it all in one box, but then she said, "We don't want you paying shipping twice, so let me see what I can do."

A half hour later, I got a shipping notice on my ordered straps with no charges for shipping whatsoever.

Great company to deal with.....if anyone's considering packs now, give them a look.

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Love my Mystery Ranch Packs! I've got the Marshal for my 2 week do-it-yourself elk adventure in Colorado, the Divide for my training pack (carry 50-75 pounds in it), and the Front pack as my smaller treestand/daypack. All extremely well made (built like a tank)!!

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