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People often talk about a trophy as being the most points or largest.To me a trophy is in the method taken.I have killed deer from the 338 on down to 22 mag.In my stage of life I don't need to make a kill but often wait for the right shot and pass on borderline shots in the caliber or gun I'm using.
An older man I hunted with for many years gave me this Marlin 62 in 256 winchester as a gift for helping him hunt when he couldn't get around very well but still wanted to hunt.The 256 Win is a 357 case necked down to a 25 cal. and uses a 60gr bullet.I do reload for it as ammo is around $180/50rds.I vowed to him it would be the next gun I take a deer with.
My opportunity came the other eve while hunting an overgrown pasture.I was tucked under a overhanging tree.At 4:55 I had a small deer in front of me but passed on the size.Had another larger one to my right but passed due to the possibility of hitting branches.After having the safty off 6 times and passing numerous times,oportunity came!Finally had this decent one step out broadside at 30yds.Put the crosshairs slightly behind the shoulder to blow the lungs up.At the shot 8 tails went up.The deer ran 60yds and piled up.Butchering revealed busting a rib and blown lungs.Hole was the size of a half dollar.Deer weighed in at #150 dressed/#180 live with the weight tape the Game Commission has.
Small calibers are NOT for everyone but they do work if you know how to use them.
THANKS Donney,this one was for you!

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Way to go!!馃憤
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