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My Solution For Food Plot / Garden Drought

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I bit the bullet and drilled a well for my Pa. garden / food plot. Lucked out going 140' with 20 gpm. My cabin across the road went 400' and only have 1.5 gpm.

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The actual area you see tore up and where they are drilling consists of 1/4 acre the deer and bear tore up with out me getting a single ear of sweet corn. The above power line is 300 yards long and 40 wide consists of wheat and clover. Below my corn is green and lima beans. Across the road is my cabin. In a few weeks I will till entire area for fall planting. Looking for ideas of how to install sprinkler system, remember I have all the water needed! I have to be careful sinc ei will be using bobcat to till and even add chicken manure.
O yes, water for garden plot only. I have no structure on that side of road. I own around 40 acres and dang state road goes thru it. This year I might get to ue it some for fall if needed. Next spring it will be put to test. Just need to think it out how to do and be efficient.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts