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I am not sure if this belongs in this forum, but I felt the need to post my opinion. With all of the legislative craziness going on in states like Colorado, NY, Maryland and others and impending legislation on the federal level I hope everyone keeps tabs of how our elected legislators are voting. I hope you are writing them. I think too often people vote straight republican or straight democrat because it is what we have always done. We are crazy if we reject the idea that a total gun ban is what some politicians in office right now ultimately want to happen and there are millions of non-hunting, non-gun owning people that will back them up. They can't understand whay anyone would want to hunt. You may even work with someone that feels this way. We can say it will never happen, but if we don't speak out clearly at the voter booth we will all be wondering what happened. Just my two cents......
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Voting is importent.but the real fight is in a Primary election. Do not let the party bosses make there flunky someone we have vote for. To many people do not vote in the Primary and thats how we get all there flunky's looking to the party bosses not the people
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