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Well finally took the plunge into the world of crossbows, timing must be right cause my back has been acting up. I will not give up my Mathews !!!

I looked at many brands and models from low, mid and high price. I will admit I was locked on the Ravin, but being this is my first crossbow, and not 100% sold on using it 100% of the time I couldn't convince myself to spend nearly $2000. I paid $330, that is with a online coupon from Optics Planet, not including the $50 rebate.

Friend of mine being in the same boat as me purchased this crossbow for the same reason as me, he was surprised how well made it was, and after few days of hunting with the compound in Illinois he took his crossbow out, and at first light took a big buck.

Last week I went to his house to look over this crossbow, and I too was surprised how well made it was, but this crossbow versus others I had shouldered fit me great. I ordered it from Optics Planet, Inc. now like him I will upgrade the quiver, and order bolts from South Shore Archery, he did upgrade the scope to a Hawk, and I might do the same, but I was shocked how clear the stock scope is, I have lots of time to decide.

I will put it together in the next couple of days

Also there is a $50 mail in rebate on this model. That is in the mail already


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