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My new buddy, Kip

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Not sure why I didn't post sooner but on December 1 I picked up my first bird dog from Winnen's Kennels. After a very frustrating archery season I decided I needed to find another hobby.
He is 15 weeks old now and keeps me plenty busy. He seems to be pretty smart and has picked up on what I have thought him really quickly. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions down the road when we get into more advanced training so expect to hear more from the two of us. I can't want to get into training for hunts.
This is the day after I brought him home. He was pointing a toy that's not in the pic.
.One of the few times he stood still long enough for a good pic.
Time for a close-up.
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Great looking pup. You're going to have a fun and, at times, exhausting next few months with him; but I bet he'll turn out to be a good one. Winnens have a great reputation.
Beautiful pup, thanks for sharing. Where is his kennel?
Great name, my last Springer was named Kip. Enjoy many great hunts with your new buddy.
Great looking young American Britt. Lot's of fun ahead for the both of you.
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Man, he looks almost exactly like my Tucker. Got him from Jim as well. What a great looking pup ! Enjoy.
I was going to ask who the sire and dam were cause he looks alot like my Tripper, who is also a Winnen's dog.
Sire is Carolina Red and the dam is Phenomena
Tucker has the same mama anyway. Great natural retrieve, found me tons of birds this year at 8-9 months ! Have fun.
Ultra Violet was my Trips dam. His sire's name escapes me at the moment. He was a natural hunter from the get go. In all seriousness, the only thing I ever taught him was "whoa". He did everything else naturally. But, this is the number one reason I love this pooch........

This has been an every night thing for the last four years.
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Best of luck!!....and enjoy your new buddy!
Bucket, same with my six-year old and Tucker. Too cute. Brothers who fight like brothers and play like brothers! GO STEELERS!
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