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My new boat!!!

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Picked this up a few weeks ago, and already had her out about 6 times so far. Finally home to upload some pics. Its a 2008 alumacraft MV tex edition with 60 Yamaha 4 stroke. Its in showroom condition and got a great deal on it. I basicly paid what the motor is worth... Has a 55lb minnkota edge up front. 2 new batteries, 2 hummingbird 383C fish finders, new LED lights, all the bells and whistles. Wish it had a little more storage, but I love it!!!

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In the background, I hear someone yelling, "will ya quit washin that darn boat, an get the x-mas lights down!" LOL

Nice looking ride Saltfisher.
LOL, I didn't even realize that before... that was still at the guys house I bought the boat from before I hooked her up and drug her home.
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Here is a pic of the 1st bass in the boat that won me lunker and 1st place in a club tourney last weekend...

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Sweet Ride!
Sweet!! I love the look of those grey Yamis!!
Thanks. He runs good. Took it to the flats yesterday and it was windy and very choppy. She handled well in 3 footers. Full throttle, 40mph all around. Was the only aluminum boat out there. Probably went 15 miles, and trolled for about 2 hours. Used 4 gallons of gas all day. Awesome on gas!!!!
nice ride . I can troll about 12hrs on 6gal with my 50 twos troke yami
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