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My new .36 cal flintlock

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As far as my wife is concerned, this one fell off the Postal Service truck and onto the porch.

The bottom line is that I now have my squirrel and small game black powder gun.

This .36 caliber lefty flintlock was built by Tip Curtis in Cross Plains, TN:

- 44" Green Mountain barrel (swamped)
- Left handed Siler lock
- Fancy curly maple stock (dark brown stain)
- Iron furniture (still "in the white" - will probably rust brown finish it)
- Davis double set trigger

The wood on this thing looks fantastic and the trigger breaks beautifully, both set and un-set. As you can see by the picture of his signature, Tip ships his guns "in the white", so it will need some steel wool cleanup to knock off light surface rust and ready it for final finishing. Alternatively, I can keep it in the white and just clean up the existing look. A good oil coat after cleaning it up will keep it rust-free, but I will probably just go ahead and brown it to keep the long term maintenance minimal. This Siler lock is FAST, *way* faster than my Lyman factory lock, and the beefy mainspring on it gives a good clue as to why that is.

Tip is an old guy now, into his mid-80s, but he still does great work out of his shop in Cross Plains, TN. I got to shoot it briefly today, and was extremely pleased. The first two shots overlapped at 25 yard and the 3rd shot was just slightly outside of that group. Lock time is excellent as you can see in this brief video clip:

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Nice rifle!

Hard to tell from a couple of pics, but that fore end doesn't look overly slender to me...?

Not disputing what you were told, but there may come a day when you do need to dismount that barrel from the stock. Just be cautious and careful and you'll be ok. It's not like a TC Hawken....

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I can neither confirm nor deny that I have a 36 cal rifle also in my sights, so to speak!

I've read on ALR and other places that guys running 36's often use buckshot as a source for roundballs. Would sure make for easy procurement...
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70gr of 2f.....

I'm accustomed to 120 of that under a 320-ish grain ball.

I'll have to check if a 36 actually fired!

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Six-Gun said:
I tried heavier loads in my .54 cal, but none of them came close to the accuracy I get in lower charge weights.

If you're used to 120 gr., trust me,that .36 cal feels like nothing at all. It's all sound as far as my shoulder is concerned. It's almost weird - like a significantly louder .22 LR that packs a bit more punch.
That load is being run out of a rifle with a 46" barrel and 2"+ wide butt plate. Recoil isn't nearly what people think it will be.

It bashes the snot out of deer, though!
I have hunted with a 50-cal GPR and a 50 cal Renegade. Well acquainted.

Moving to a long rifle was a "no going back" move for me. They're worse than crack.... lol.
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Make sure you can get the same brand/granulation of black powder down there that you get here. You can't transport blackpowder on a plane. Not even in checked bags.

My big gun is 63" long overall. No way that thing gets flown anywhere, lol.

That sounds like a seriously fun trip! Bring back pics!

I'm thinking of trying to find an elk hunt (a cow hunt would be fine) where my long rifle would be a feasible option. Kinda tricky with a party of one, but there seem to be some options.
Good luck on the elk and the whistle pigs!

Won't be long till you're looking for a big game long rifle.....

(Rusty, no comment.... lol)
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