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my hunts tuesday and wednsday

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well tuesday afternoon me and two other guys were doing a small drive. When i fianlly a stander, i missed a doe at 50 yards wit the flintlock. DAY 2. haha, first, i woke up late soo i only got to my stand around 9. On my way in chased up 7 doe and a half racked 4pt. (4pt. on right side). Then around 1 pm, i heard two deer cross the Swati which was 40 yds behind me. Finally i see there are two deer running right towards my stand, the first deer stopped 60 yds away in thick brush, then took 5 steps and i could see tht it was a buck so i cock my hammer and just like that the buck ran off into the thickets, however then a doe running 40 yds away from me tempted me to take a shot so i did, but still came up empty handed. Now, I am stuck at the house till monday due to surgery on new years eve for my wisdom teeth! GOOD LUCK TO ALL FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!!
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Sounds like some good action! Keep at it and have fun! Good luck!
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