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70 grains Triple 7 2FG, .490" Round Ball wrapped in .018 patch, Anti rust & patch lube.

3 low shots are slight hang fires. Using a Treso nipple, I found that the T7 creates a hard crust in the nipple flash hole, and for best results, I need to run a nipple pick after each shot.

My first 2 shots of the day were touching, then she started that slight hiccup and so I learned.... Pick the nipple hole clear before loading.

I am not a huge fan of T7 to be honest. I've had a hard time with it in the earlier years with inconsistent groups and of course, I hate swabbing when shooting the Inline rifles.

Today, I did not have to swab the bore once and the bore felt almost like a clean barrel when reloading the next shot.

If I can fix the hang fire issue with a different nipple style, perhaps it could be accurate enough for a rendezvous load.

I WILL be sticking with Goex for hunting, that is a 100% Guarantee!

Bottom 3 patches - Left to right . #1 - #2 ( Cut slightly undersized ) and my #7 shot. All the patches above look perfect as well.
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