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See for sometime now the biggest part of who Iam as a man has had to be put on the back burner so I could take care of issues bigger than myself to big to go at alone. although I may not have been in the woods or standing by a stream the outdoors has been my driving force for few years, its whats kept me going, all the memmories of seasons past and the antisipation of seasons to come has drivin me to this moment in my life where i can honestly say I havent felt better, and each day is a new adventure in life. For weeks prior I would go to the local outdoors store and get this and that, all i would need to start my outdoor life over again, and with each day it would be a day closer to my first day back the antisipation grew almost as if i was that 12 boy awaiting my first walk in the wood with my frist 22. Ahh, but this was so much more, see ontop of this being my first year back hunting, its also the frist year after reuniting with my life long friend (my older brother) after some years of seperation, which has done more for my sole than I even think he knows, hes been a big blessing, you cant make a freindship like this, it just is. with all this in mind its been raining buckets for days, but it never once dampened my spirits on the first day, nothing was gong to stop me from watching the sunrise from inside the woods on this day. I met my friend and loaded his truck and off we went, he dropped me at my stand and off he went to his. I may have been soaked to the bone buy 5:30 that morning, but my spirt was dry as dry could be, there wasent much of a sunrise that morning but I welcomed the daylight throught the trees with a feeling that has eluded me for sometime, and for the first time in along time i couldnt feel anything, love, hate, happy, sad nothing, i finally found inner peace at that moment and at that moment I knew all was right and I was on the right path, i was where i was supposed to be. Nothing was to be tagged that day, but no matters here, I have my first memmory for the rest of my life, one which i may never share past this post, but I have it. I have always been a simple man never needing much, i guees it was the way I was raised, but today Im thankfull for that, Im thankfull for my big brother and Im thankfull for that rainny day, but ya wanna know what I most thankfull for....Monday morning buy 8:15 my big brother and I had our tags filled and deer drug into the field, and all i can say is that....I'm back. Thank you all for letting me share my story with you, I hope that maybe it can help someone out ther never forget how important the outdoors is to each and everyone of us and why it is so important to give the gift of the outdoors to our childern so they to may use it to help them thourgh lifes trying times. Ron

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No Matter what you and I go thru, we always come back as Friends and Brothers that we have been for Years!

I'm very Glad you got that doe last Monday and also Proud that I was able to be there and see that Smile of your's after I hollered you had her Down!

We may not see eye to eye on some things, but that will never get in the way of our Brotherhood!!!

Your Story of those 2 days Struck home in my Heart!

Glad you and I were able to get back together after so many years not knowing were the other was!

NOW, Onward... no looking back!

Crappies, Perch, Squirrels, Turkey, Deer, Coyotes, Fox and the Rest.. BEWARE! For the Brothers are Back together and your NOT SAFE!

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Woodywoodduck said:
Loggy said:
Congrats on the harvest & thanx for sharing with us!!
Hey Loggy....

Please Tell him that he needs to get a Front Stuffer that shoots Sparks off a flint to ignite it!

He likes His Inline he needs to get a BP Flinter to use after Christmas!

LOL Woody!! Yep...gotta play with dem flintstone sparkers too... to get the whole smokin experience!!
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