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I received a few christmas gifts from a fellow bird hunter and brother in law today. Never knew he had this in him but thought Id share it. He framed it and got me a nice blanket made up in tribute to my Britt....

I need to tell you about my niece named Star
She was a little hairy but as beautiful as a shiny new car

She had four legs so you can see where this will go
Im talking about a Brittany just so you know

Sometimes I thought she was human the way she understood
Everything her parents told her she did if she could

The best thing about her though was the way she loved to please
Whether looking for birds or cuddling on your knees

I can say with certainty that Star was the best
She loved everyone unconditionally, Trust me I was the test

She was caring and affectionate to all that came her way
Then was all business in the bird woods on any given day

She gave me many memories and my very first grouse
And trust me the way I shoot it would have been easier to build a house

It makes it easier though when your hunting with the best
She always did it right and easily surpassed the rest

So yes she was the best bird dog these woods have ever seen
I miss her very much and still see her in my dreams

So to all shes watching over us and still loving from afar
To see her all you have to do is MAKE A WISH UPON A STAR.....


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That is an amazing gift. You have a great brother in law to do something like that. I always tell people that hunting dogs can do what few humans can and it has nothing to do with their ability to hunt. No matter how good or bad they may be at hunting, they are always excellent at bringing people closer together and this is a great example. Merry Christmas!!
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