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My boys 1st Buck!

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Afetr his fourth season, my boy finally scored at 11am yesterday!!! The weather was nasty but we all had a chance at a buck, he was the only one who connected. Congrats to Josh!!!We all got a laugh from my three year olds actions. he came running out the door with one of my arrows and a butter knife!! and started poking the buck right away....LOL

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Awesome - congrats!!!!! Nothing, no matter what, nothing beats that memory of your first buck!!!!!
congrats to your boy and yourself! The little one has a heck of a grin on his face!
Congratulations to you guys!
Awesome!!! The first buck is always your best buck! I think you have a future buck slayer in that little guy
He just looks like he has it all under control
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Great news! Congrats!!
I'll always remember my first buck, and I'm sure he will too. Its even more special since you were there with him.
Congrats to the new deer slayer!! It will be a memory that will last a lifetime.
Good job, Josh!!! That's the kind of buck that made this
State a great place to hunt!
That cant be a better expression then a huge smile after downing a Pennsyvania whitetail..Way to go Partner ...
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