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My best find

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This was my best "find" ever, and I admit it was found with an excavator, not a metal detector. Years ago on a renovation job in Sullivan County, the entire front porch was removed from a historic building. It was a residense at the time, but back in the 1800's it was a Hotel. Aftter the rotten porch was removed, a small excavator was brought in to dig new footings. After a few minutes someone yelled stop, and this was pulled from the dirt. Its a Model 94 carbine. Everyone wanted it. I was tight with the GC, and he ended the ruckus by telling me to put it in my truck. He feared that if it was involved in any old foul play, they would shut the job down. I pressure washed it, then put it in an auto parts washer for a day. Its been in my Den for many years.
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That is a dream find right there, awesome!!
Thats awesome..I dont know what the likelyhood of adding the missing components to make it shootable. If even possible that would be something great to pass is either way. Nice find
The pic can't show detail, but there are several layers of corrosion all over that get deeper and shallower. I did think of rebuilding it, but the guts are all frozen into one mass. About the only thing you could use is the receiver. The cost to buy all the parts would be 3 to 4 times what you could buy it for in a shop. Its just totally cool the way it is. Its an early 1940 gun. I suspect someone committed a crime with it and buried it under that old porch. In those days, nobody would bury a good rifle, thats for certain. Someday I am going to mount it on a nice plaque with the story on it.
Very cool Joe, I found an old shotgun in similar condition this year lying under some leaves on a hillside of city. The only reason I made the discovery was the butt plate was partially exposed so I kicked the leaves around and a barrel rolled out. I left it there but boy what a crazy thing when you think about how it got there or why. Here's a pick, found it while shed hunting...
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Gents, when you find an old gun in the woods or under the porch of an old dwelling, there are stories behind them that will remian untold.
Wow cool find
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