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My arrowhead hunting story

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I decided to try the Palmerton area where the Ashiquola river runs into the Lehigh. I retired gravel bars, the creek shores, and everywhere between. The water was chilly but refreshing. My search started with great exuberance. As I searched, my mind drifted off of my personal responsibilities. I was FOCUSED! Before long, my back started to ache, my legs great tired, and my feet were cold. My mind no longer focused, my eyes started to wander quicker and quicker over the rocks I was searching. The pace of my thoughts "Is that one?" Raced to a frenzied climax. My eyes darting about. My focus waning. Tired, defeated,I have resolved myself to one thought.

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Right now, with very low water levels , is a perfect time to be searching along the river..Receded waterlines are going to give you a look at otherwise invisible locations which very probably, hold some finds....I'd also search along the sides of islands.The moment is right!

As for fields. Toward the end of the winter, melting snows have cleaned off stones to the point where the artifacts are easy to pick out..Don't always expect to find a point lying flat down on top of the ground..Look for an edge, or just a "rock" that is an off-color, something out of place..Remember, the arrowhead material did not originate there. It was brought there, so it most certainly should stand out against the local stones.
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