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I wrote this reflection of my 2016 archery season after I got home from hunting Saturday night.

It's hard to believe that the 2016 archery season has already come to a close. It feels like just yesterday I was climbing into the stand for my first sit of the season and now just a few hours ago I climbed down and walked out of the woods for the last time this year with a bow in my hands. Time has flown, as it always has during archery season. Out of the 36 day season, I was fortunate enough to make it to the woods 32 of those days in either the morning,evening, or both. It's the hardest I've ever hunted during bow season. 5 different legal bucks got passes from me this season. They were just not the quality of deer I was looking for, or know are on the property.

Early in the season, as luck would have it, I had a mature buck dead to rights at 12 yards. As I was drawing a coyote just happened to run by, spooking the deer out of range. An unfortunate event indeed. The mid part of the season was tough, with many days not seeing a deer. The last 2 weeks sightings as well opportunities grew. Just not with the right deer. Today 2 mature bucks came by just out of range running doe. It was nice just seeing them, but it would have been nicer to put my hands on one.

I think this was probably my best archery season to date, even though I did not take a buck. I was fortunate enough to take a doe, and have the opportunity to take 5 different bucks. You can't shoot a big one when your tags on a little one. Being out in the woods and making memories, especially with family is what it is all about for me. Being able to enjoy the flora and fauna of Pennsylvania is something that is near and dear to me and something I will never take for granted. Hopefully the waiting will be worth it and I'll be able to put my hands on a nice one in rifle season. Here's to a successful rifle season everybody. Shoot straight.
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