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My 2008 Buck

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I shot this deer on the 08' rifle opener and received it back from the taxidermist in June.It was my first buck after 10 years of trying.Mount was done by Outback Imagery in York Springs, PA.I am very pleased with the work and will definately use them again.

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Nice mount,good luck on number two,they'll come easier after the first one.
Way to stick with it all those years and get a great buck.
Nice mount !
Taxidermy can be very addicting, kind of like tattoos. Once you get one, you will start looking for another, then another . . . you get the idea.
Looks to be very well done.
Thanks for all the kind remarks guys.
Looks good, why does it look like it is in a closet?
Mathews Shooter said:
Looks good, why does it look like it is in a closet?
Haha,it is kind of inset to the side of the fireplace.The wall to the left is the wall around the chimney if that makes any sense.The fox in the below picture is above fireplace.
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