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Well guys yesterday was a great day for me! I went down to Pittsburgh to hunt with a couple of my buddies. First drive I had three 8 pts run right past me, couldn't get them to even slow down, next drive we had 14 does and a nice 8 point up, no shots. On the third drive in a very thick little woodlot, I was watching the bottom and here he came right down the trail towards me, jumped over a log and when I grunted he slid to a stop about 10 feet away! I held for the center of the brisket and touched it off, and he didn't go far! This is my fourth buck with the flintlock, definatly the latest I've went without a buck,(January 21st) 5 shots fired with the flinter and 4 dead deer this year! Definatly my best year with the muzzleloader! The pics are from my buddies back yard, I didn't have my camera with me, so after we got him out of the woods we took it to his house and unloaded it for some woods pics! We did get some cell phone pics in the spot, he's going to send them to me. Anyways, thanks for looking, and thanks to the PGC for the extended season (Which I wouldn't have know about until treestand told me!)

Thanks for looking!
1 - 20 of 57 Posts
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