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Muzzleloader ? for you guys

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I have a flintlock that my dad made for me that I hunt deer with. It obviously has a rifled barrel. I would like to try to use it for turkey this year. My question is, can I shot a "turkey load" out of the rifled barrel or will I risk doing damage? If I can shoot a turkey load out of this gun, can you guys tell me what your sets ups include(ie, what shot, how exactly are you loading it, etc). Thanks
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i think it wouldnt work no choke
you will not have much range with the rifled barrel. The rifeling will spray the shot out.
And, you'll have a deuce of a time cleaning up the rifling after a few loads of lead shot.
I would not recommend this approach.
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Bad idea. However, depending on the type of gun and construction, a smooth bore barrel can be fitted to the gun. In some cases it isn't practical, in some it is fairly simple. It is alsmost harder to find a smooth bre barrel to fit your barrel chhannel than to fit the barrel.

What is some times overlooked in these situations, is the possibility of using another stock and a smooth barrel and making a second gun. It is possible to swap the lock over to the new gun, if short on funds for a new lock.
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