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Muzzle Breaks? Company didn't reference what choke it was.. However I'm sure it got to be Cylinder choke. Anyone own a tactical shotgun with a MB? I that what you feel to? The choke on a tactical shotgun with a muzzle break is cylinder for shooting down hallways? Notice the Extended choke they are an Extra Full Choke. Sure couldn't shoot slugs in the Extra Full choke.. waiting to hear from the company to see if they do concur that their shotgun plugs will work in the Technical guns.. If so what an outstand gun to carry on your back when rifling at night time for coyotes and red fox.. Sometime the predator get so close that a shotgun is in order.. OR when I'm calling I wish I had a shotgun with me when I was doing the mouth calling and the predator entered my shooting area past the stand shooters..
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