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Muskrat Totals

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In the last 10 years, what is the most muskrats you have caught in one season?
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97 this past season.

53 the year before.
20 in 9 nights...
29 along the k9 line.
Thanks guys....even with population decline, some of you are doing quite a bit better on 'rats than I anticipated. My hat's off to you!
PSB1011 said:
2444 in 20 days,I think 5 years ago

I think he is meaning PA, Brown.

Caught 180 some about 7 or 8 years ago. Then was lucky to catch half that trapping more area the year after. Haven't trapped them since, other than some out of a couple ponds to stay on good terms with some landowners. Been devoting all my trapping time trying to catch an 1/8 of Browns fox catch...
5 the only year I set for them
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