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Hate to come acorss as the devil's advocate...and maybe I'm missing something...but I just went to their website to check these out (because I too think that the HSS is a bit bulky & heavy). Outside of a back pad and a but more clearly marked system so you don't put it on backwards, I can really tell the difference between these and the standard freebie 5pt harnass you get with stands.

All of the "freebie" 5pt harnasses that I have ever had all have side connectors at the hip so that the safety strap can also be used as a lineman's rope. They're fairly lightweight as well (maybe not not 2lbs). Just don't see why you should crank out the $100+ for one of these.

Plus I just took an old $20 turkey vest, unzipped off the seat portion, and sewed in my freebie 5pt safety harnass into it. So now I have my own version of a safety vest that has plenty of external and internal pockets plus a nice large back pouch to carry everything I would ever need into the field.

Am I missing something here?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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