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Feet hit the floor as my mind tries to wade through the fogginess of 3:30 a.m. wakeups. Hurriedly I throw on the "suit" of the day. A quick bite of a 3 day old donut and a swig of Mtn Dew and I'm out the door..

I turn the headlights of the ol' Ford off as I approach the lonely farm lane tucked into my cozy little corner of our great state. I the darkness of the night, Ted, the elderly Border Collie, shouts out his good morning wishes!! Up the rutted tractor path my tired legs climb until my lungs scream silently for a quick breather. The songbirds are waking up and seranading Mother Nature in their daily orchestra.

I settle in tight to a gnarly old White Oak and close my eyes for just a second to give thanks to God for allowing me yet another glorious day in the P.A. woods. As gray turns to pink the woods come alive. A pair of lovestruck Canadas echo from below, a holdover Rooster crows out his "good morning", and across the hillside I see Farmer Jones firing up his school bus.

Soon the first bellowing gobble of the day reverberates through the valley. Quickly followed by several more across the far ridge. No other sound, save that of an elk bugling, causes a hunters pulse to quicken so fast!! The Longbeard hammers over and over proclaiming his rule over the woodland kingdom. Finally, his next gobble is muffled and I know he has his feet on the ground. A few soft calls bring yet another furious gobble and I know I've peaked his interest. Now the hard part, staying patient and keeping him interested in finding the seductive sounding young lady he's looking for.

Several minutes pass before he sounds off again. this time just up the path and barely outta sight. I reposition slightly and sink lower into the nook of the old Oak. At last my partner for this "Morning Meeting" has arrived!!

If all goes well this meeting will be a quick one. However a part of me wishes it could last on into the morning, as I've yet to have a meeting I enjoyed so much.

I stand proudly over my trophy just as the sun peeks over the hills. I give thanks yet again to God, my forefathers and my partner for my Morning Meeting!!

Good luck to all this Spring!!!

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