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More laws...just what we need

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What a muddy mess society has turned into...good grief we got more laws than we know what to do with....don't anybody have any common sense anymore? And it's not just gun laws ..good grief. I know a guy that built a custom flintlock rifle..super accurate. .45 cal told me he shot a squirrel right in the head one evening coming in from hunting this past flintlock season. I kindly informed him that was against the law..Of which he replied squirrel season was also in..I told him the law states you can't use anything over a .40 cal...He just stood there giving me a blank dumbfounded look..And to be perfectly honest..what the heck did it hurt. This thread is in no way meant to downgrade law and order...Only to bring out a point that..Not everyone is a criminal...Many of the laws of our land in a round about way punish and restrict law abiding citizens..What ever happened to innocent till proven guilty?...My point is this. In the above instance...I realize such a law was placed for good reason..possibly to prevent big game being shot during small game season..Frankly i don't know. But i do know that the man mentioned above is certainly no outlaw...Under the law he is as guilty doing what he did as the man who is caught with a .45 in Oct squirrel season whose real intent is to shoot a deer...This may be law...but it is not justice...Under the Gun control laws..Many innocent people who have never commited a violent crime or ever will..will be in a sense chastised by our Gov't ..saying your not fit to have such a weapon...I do not own any semi automatic weapons..But i can assure you..You could lay a FULLY AUTOMATIC!!,, AK... whatever on my kitchen table i don't care if it held a bazillion rounds! And i would NEVER!!! SHOOT SOMEONE!!!....not because law number 453793(a)-5..chapter6 paragraph b..of the Gov't law book tells me not to....But because my conscience tells me "thou shall not kill"...and common sense tells me "ALL" firearms should be handled safely and responsibly. Many will say your preaching to the choir we are all in agreement...No we are not...My plea is not for more law in our country...but for more justice...A man guilty of commiting a crime that finds a loop hole in the system and is left off with no punishment..may be law but it's not justice..
It is entirely possible that in the near future a good law abiding citizen one that maybe never even got a speeding ticket .Never hurt anyone or has any intentions to..Be considered a felon in the eyes of the court. This may be law...but it's certainly not justice.
It is possible for a country to slowly methodically fall under the hands of tyranny by regulation and law without justice
What i fear so many of our leaders today lack is not law...but justice..or to put it simply the "Quality of being right or correct"..and the ability to "reward or penalty as deserved"...that is justice...And that is what this country needs...not more law.
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we are heading down a slippery and ever steeper slope.
The objective of this and other pushes at more control over our guns is the total elimination of private ownership. The elite who are pushing this will insure they have provisions for their private armed guards to defend them but the ordinary citizen will be at the mercy of criminals and yes even a tyrannical government. We say they won't get our guns but every year they get away with more and more of our freedoms.
The problem is not just guns...Is it any wonder the Gov't is trying to pass more and more laws for gun control. When we allow other areas to go unchecked?...Law without justice effects all aspects of life..not just guns. Many laws start out with good intention and purpose only to be abused or misused later...As i stated before Justice is the ability to discern right and wrong and to be able to reward or punish accordingly.....Sad but true many laws are being passed that have nothing to do with right or wrong.
I can fully understand a law that say's..its unlawful to kill...or be careless with a firearm. And the prosecute an offender.
But it makes no sense to pass laws that will restrict a law abiding citizen.

laws like...If a man has a gun that holds 7 shots..he is fine...if he puts a clip in that holds 10 now he's suddenly a felon? Same responsible man...intends no wrong doing...but a clip with 3 more shells and he's suddenly a crimminal?

So we ban Automobiles because some people drive drunk? i said we need justice not more law.
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none of it makes sense until you realize it's not about safety, it's about control.
yukon375 said:
none of it makes sense until you realize it's not about safety, it's about control.
While watching Senator Schumer recently (as recently as today on Meet the Press), I'm noticing that he is now talking about gun "safety" laws, instead of gun "control" laws. Obviously a tactic to make these nonsensical laws more acceptable to the masses.

Anyone else noticing this ?
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