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Two days ago I past the local half frozen lake/park. There were about 50 geese total. Funny thing is that they were all over the place, normally I see 20 in groups, maybe as small as 10-15. They were in 5,5,10 2,2,2,5, singles and spread out over the 5 acres or so on the water and over land about 200 yds, was two small groups, of about 10 birds total.

Talk to a guy at parts store with boat in truck. He said they were fishing at the same park. That there were more birds there earlier and that they looked like they were pair up , I thought the same thing.

So any one else seeing this ?

Buddies are doing good this past week. 27 birds , 5 were local, rests were north and way north.

One buddy said the birds they shot were singles 2, one pair , and a set of three got two.

Happy New Year
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