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Monday or Tuesday?

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Want to hunt Md on Monday or Tuesday. The weather for Monday is sunny but breezy, 10-20 mph. Tuesday is cloudy with rain. I'm not a fan of hunting in the rain, but also hate wind! I'm torn on which day. Feedback would be great.
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Tuesday...depending on the rain...bigger storms normal much...spring shower...not bad...

Wind is typically never good..and I think it's gunna take a day or 2 for the birds to fire back up after this cold in PA anyways..literally snowing at times and windy..
Look at the hour by hour for the area you hunt. The wind might not start to pick up to the higher speeds until later or the rain might not start until later in the morning.
Monday's more going out myself...hitting the woods in the morning and if I stay later if the winds gets higher.I'll be setup in the fields with my killer twin feather flex decoys!
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