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mon advice

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Well a buddy is visiting near cal this week so we cant go to lake arthur so we are putting in a california. i used to work there ans saw birds flying the river. just gonna toss out some decoys and hit along the bank and see what happens. if anyone has any advice or tips id appreciate it heck you can join us if you want
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We are going out in the morning as well. My advice for bank hunting is watch the wind and set up well below you deeks. 30 yards is not too much as river birds tend to land short.

Good luck in the AM!
is got a a boat as a taxi but its not camoed up yet and i dont have life jackets that allow shooting they are bulky so wearing they to drop off then sittin on the think a warden would bust you even if your boat is anchored next to shore and not moving?
If your in it they will bust you.
here us my advice after today, move the boat lauches out of towns so all the ducks dont hang out there, lol. after few we got we headed back and there were more loafing by my jeep than we saw all am!
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