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Moly Coated Bullets

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What are your thoughts on moly coated bullets? I've heard different opinions on them, and I'm not sure if I want to use them or not. I found a good deal on some 110gr winchester supreme accubonds for my 25-06, but they are moly coated, and I'm unsure what to do. I've heard that the moly can be VERY hard to get out of the barrel, and also that it can hold moisture under it in the barrel, and cause the barrel to pit. On the other hand, I've heard in a hunting rifle its not a big deal as one wouldn't shoot enough to cause a problem in the way of buildup from the moly, and that the gun will require less cleaning(won't foul the barrel as easy as a copper bullet). So, whatcha think?
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if molies are good enough for sniper's, there good enough for me.
what snipers use moly's? I used to use them, found no benefit other than when I switched back to non-oly my rifle took a cleaning of its life. yes its difficult to get out or a bore. also found that the more moly I fired the better it would shoot that was in a 223.
So, since I'll be shooting them in my hunting rifle, and I won't shoot it a ton(only use if it thing didn't go well in archery season) I should be ok then. I'll just shoot moly in it all the time, and if I ever go back to non moly, I'll clean the crap out of it!
Try to stay away from molys which build up in the barrel then you got to get a good plastic cleaner to get it out..
I don't shoot as much as some, but I use Moly coated Winchester Silvertips. I have found them to group very well, and they seem to have a little more speed than copper jacketed ammunition. Never noticed any build up in barrel.
So, whatcha think?
Yet another answer in search of a question, in my opinion.
I'm mostly shooting naked (don't look) these days. Cleaning moly is no different than removing carbon and copper. A little JB helps. Removing it from bullets is a PIA. I have seen no improvement in accuracy, but your fps will improve, cause its so slippery. Another option is boron nitride, do a google on it.
Nothing wrong with moly coated bullets. They work well in certain situations. However you really need to decide when the rifle is new, and then shoot moly in the rifle, or do not shoot moly. mixing the two bullets is not the way to go. It is like shooting jacketed and cast bullets in the same rifle. Just cause yourself problems. Pick one or the other and stay with it. Tom.
Not a fan of moly. Several I know that once were, no longer are (mostly High Power competitors). It was touted as the next great thing some years ago. Some shooters still love it, others do not.

I'm still removing it from the bore of a rifle I bought used last fall. Since the rifle shows little sign of having been shot all that much, I'll have to assume the previous owner had coated the bore with moly.

As mentioned, if you use moly, almost have to keep using it with coated bullets. My rifle wouldn't group at all shooting jacketed bullets when I got it. Now that most of the moly has been removed, groups are much better.
gottcha. I think I'll stay away from them then
Just my opinion, as others will disagree, but the shooters I know that have gotten away from moly, are folks that shoot thousands of rounds per year and do it very well.
NONSENSE, most of you have never even shot or have any experience with moly or danzac coated bullets... I've been using them since their introduction in all my rifles, target and hunting and have zero complaints..they do exactly what they are supposed to do, let you shoot accurately longer between cleanings..I've bore scoped some of my target rifle barrels and have found far far less spider cracking just in front of the case mouth..some of them have nearly 2000 shots in them and they are basically the same as they were..I've even noticed far less wear of the lands infront of the case..I was getting about .003-5 wear for every 1000 shots for a 6 PPC, now it is about .001-2..doesn't seem like much but it helps..I've fired 100 shots under competition without cleaning and found no difference in accuracy whatsoever..the big problem that I hear is how do I get all that black out..that's the idea, your not supposed to!!!!! That's what fill all the cracks, dings, slices and any other mark the bullet now has full contact with the barrels..let the BLACK STUFF in, and that nonsense about rusting..baloney!!..I've found coating my X-bullets for hunting in danzac completely cuts out all coppering on the worst bullet for, let's not bad mouth moly or danzac, give it a try and form your own opinion..I'll always shoot both in all my rifles...and that's from 10+ years of experience..
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Glad you're happy with the results, but there are now enough results gathered by qualified professionals, that continue to debunk some of the early claims and cast doubts on the use of moly-coated bores and bullets.

Example: coated bullets

Everyone is free to pursue whatever course they wish to. I have chosen not to use it. Base my "opinions" on firsthand examples from shooters and the weight of articles. Google the issue and spend some time reading what others (many of them barrel and bullet makers), have to say.
So, if moly fills in all the cracks, dings, scratches, etc. in the barrel, won't copper do the same thing? And if copper is easier to get out of the barrel when too much builds up, why not skip the moly, and the hassle of dealing with it when cleaning?
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